Get Started With These Business Card Types and Sizes

Business Cards

Order your business cards from Megastore Printing today and you will receive superior cards, delivered quickly, within your budget. Your business card is your most basic marketing tool. When you leave a business card with someone, you leave an impression of your business in a format that potential customers can quickly understand. They can then store it easily, or pass along to their friends, family, and business contacts. Make sure you put your best face forward with our quality printing and finishing options.

Size Comparison



Finally, you do not need to have one place for upload and another for drawing. Our all-in-one editor helps your art be right and quality checked all in the same place where you can also design it.

Quality Notification
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Know when your image is low quality for print. JPG, PNG, EPS, PDF and Hi-Res images recommended.

Placement Guides
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Our guides lay over your art so you always know when you are getting close to the edge and never get text cut off.

Mixed Orientation Possible
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Horizontal or vertical projects or one page of each is now possible with a simple click.