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Business Cards Aren’t Dead

A lot of people are still asking if they should have business cards in the age of smartphones and apps. The short answer is an emphatic yes. While it is much easier to connect with others today than in the past, a business card is still something that can’t be replaced by technology. Whether you are looking for a job or expanding your network, having a business card is useful.

Physical Reminder
Business cards serve as a physical reminder of the conversation, or any communication in the future. This cannot be replaced by saving a note in your phone, using an app to exchange contact details, or sending an email to yourself.

Get It In Writing
Before giving out your business card, you can write on the back the details of what you have talked about or anything that you want the recipient to remember the next time they look at your business card. Additionally, when you receive a business card, you can note the name of the event and the date on the back. This is one way of increasing the odds that you will follow up on the interaction.

Make It Memorable
Business cards often have the logo of the company you are working for. In some industries, such as real estate, it might include your photo as well. Business cards are greatly useful in promoting one’s brand. The design of the card helps the person remember you or your company when they see it.

Look Professional
A person who receives a business card will often keep it for future reference. There’s a higher probability that contact information written on a piece of paper or cocktail napkin will be lost or thrown into the trash because it doesn’t look important. If you want somebody to keep in touch, give that person your business card.

Provide the Required Information
Business cards provide the information new contacts need to learn about you and what you do in the company. If you are looking for a job, then you can include your LinkedIn profile link on the business card. If you are a photographer, then include the URL of your portfolio. If you don’t want to receive calls on your mobile phone, then consider listing only a landline instead. There are some who don’t put a phone number on their business card and direct all inquiries to their email address.

These and many more are the reasons why business cards are not dead, and won’t be any time in the near future. Business cards can still help you develop a network that is based on strong relationships. While it is true that technology has made a lot of things obsolete, a business card is not one of them.