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Custom Envelope Printing

envelope-printingWhether your business is large or small, serious or fun, it is always critical to represent your brand professionally. Custom envelope printing reinforces the professional appearance of any business.

Here are a few facts and tips to help you see how custom envelope printing can give your business a boost!

How can a custom envelope help my business?

Custom envelope printing shows clients that you are serious about your business. In addition, a custom envelope markets your business to everyone who sees it.

Marketing comes in many forms. For instance, you can buy print advertising or send advertisements in the mail. However, a custom-printed envelope makes every piece of outgoing mail a marketing and advertising opportunity.

A custom envelope displaying your company name and logo is a great way to solidify your brand’s presence. Knowing where mail is from usually helps it to be open and not ignored, especially if the receiver has done business with you in the past.

What should my custom envelope look like?

Your custom envelope design can be anything that you need- logos, colors, taglines, and more. Your envelope will not get tossed out with all the other mail if you utilize a custom design that makes it stand out.

Above all, the recipient needs to open the envelope. Companies have tried many methods, including colored envelopes, a humorous message on the front, a “special offer inside” notice, and even handwriting or a font that looks like handwriting. It is critical that you know what will interest your target market and make them want to open the envelope.

How can I get started?

Megastore Printing's online editor makes it easy to create a custom envelope. Our online editor allows you to upload your own design and/or images. On the other hand, you can take advantage of our professional graphic designers to help make your perfect custom envelope.

Get started today! You will be amazed at how easy, cost-effective, and fast it is to get your own custom envelopes.

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