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How To Use Brochures Effectively

Multi-channel marketing has always been the most effective way to promote your brand’s message. Marketing’s goal, as always, is to get new and keep existing customers. To do this effectively, your message must be visible wherever your customers look- and the Internet is NOT the only place they look! In this blog, we will discuss how to use printed brochures effectively.

Print Marketing? What about Digital?

For any marketing program, brochures and other printed sales literature are critical for success. Even today in 2020, many thousands of customers are hesitant to enter personal or credit card information online. As a result, reinforcing your Internet marketing with printed collateral resolves this issue for them. In addition, they get a much more permanent impression of your brand than an image on their computer screen that they quickly scroll past.

Using only one channel for marketing will limit the audience that you attract. To widen your coverage, use print marketing to support your digital promotions. For example, brochures are an excellent tool for distribution to existing and potential customers.

Printed Brochures Save Time

Having printed brochures saves having to explain your brand and services or products when asked by a prospect. In addition, printed material allows prospects to take your information home from a trade show or your store and read it at their leisure. It also provides a physical reminder of your brand and offerings.

Design Tips

All marketing collateral must reflect the reader’s perspective. In other words, the cover and page designs need to be clear, concise, and engaging to your target audience.

Most importantly, remember that they know little to nothing about your business and offerings. Attracting their interest with engaging content makes them likely to think of you first when they need goods or services.

Features and Benefits

Your product or service descriptions need to be clear and, most importantly, interesting to the reader. Avoid using technical terms or industry jargon. Instead, focus on the features and benefits that your business offers to customers.

The most effective way to write powerful descriptions is simple. Remember-

  • Features are what a product or service OFFERS THE CUSTOMER
  • Benefits are what a product or service DOES FOR THE CUSTOMER

For example, a lawn mower’s FEATURES may be

  • A 5-horsepower engine
  • Key start
  • Super-quiet muffler

These features deliver the following BENEFITS to the user

  • High power will mow heavy, wet grass
  • Easy starting, with no rope pulling
  • Mow anytime without disturbing family or neighbors

Focusing only on features will not engage the customer. Remember, they are always thinking “What’s in it for me?” Therefore, considering the W.I.I.F.M. is critical to show the customer how your brand can help meet their needs.

Design Guides for Custom Brochure Printing

Megastore Printing’s online ordering process is designed for easy use. Upload your files at no charge, or download a design template and create your own art offline.

  • Our available brochure templates are available HERE
  • Click HERE for illustrations of brochure folding options
  • For brochures without folding options, please see our “Flyer” products and templates. They are available in the same size and paper options

To sum up, our large variety of paper, formatting, and folding options will help you create the perfect brochure for your needs.

Order Your Brochures Online

Custom brochures are a very cost-effective and efficient way to get your brand’s message in front of a target audience. Megastore Printing makes it easy to order your brochures online, with a simple and fast process, multiple design options, and short turnaround times.

In Conclusion

Brochures are effective, high-quality marketing tools that put your message in the hands of your audience inexpensively.

  • Multi-channel marketing is the most effective way to promote your brand’s message
  • Brochures are a longer-lasting support for your digital campaigns
  • All printed material content needs to be clear, concise, and engaging to your target audience
  • Focus on both Features and Benefits to draw your audience into your message
  • Megastore Printing makes it easy for you to order brochures online, using a large variety of paper, formatting, and folding options
  • Several templates are available to design and fold brochures into a format that meets your needs

Start your order today and you’ll see how easy it is!


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