custom light boxes for posters

Light Boxes Add A “Wow” Factor To Marketing Posters

Light boxes and light-up frames are not only for “high-end” use, such as jewelry stores. Actually, they are very relevant to more conventional and casual settings. Restaurants, retail storefronts, small businesses, artists, and photographers all use light box frames to give their messages more “pop".

Megastore Printing has many light box and frame options, all designed to attract maximum attention to whatever message you display. All are mountable in vertical or horizontal layouts. They are affordable for any marketing use and feature LED bulbs for superior brightness and long life.

Light Boxes - Right Tools, Right Results

Backlit LED light box
LED Light Box Frame

A common misconception is that printing on copy paper will work for a light box display. Doing so will result in colors, details, and text being washed out. Megastore Printing uses only high-quality backlit film. This allows correct amounts of light to go through and display your poster’s true colors and message.

Durability is another advantage of our light boxes. As a premium commercial product, our light boxes feature quality commercial-grade aluminum and acrylics to prevent scratches, discoloring, and other issues common to “discount” products.

In addition, reordering posters for your frames is as simple as logging in to your Megastore account.

Outdoor Uses

Outdoor LED-Lit Sign
LED-Lit Outdoor Sign

Outdoor light box versions are highly visible, both in daylight and at night. Even if your business is not open after dark, your brand and message will shine brightly to everyone walking or driving by.

Our Round Outdoor LED Light Box features a display screen that is 28.5″ in diameter. It is useable for both indoor and outdoor use, and features LED bulbs positioned around the entire frame.

We recommend ordering all outdoor models with lighting installed. It is much less expensive to do so when they are built, compared to retrofitting the lighting later.

Think "Outside" the Wall!

Five-foot freestanding display sign
Five-foot freestanding display sign

Promote your message or brand with a floor-standing light box in a doorway, aisle, or lobby!

Our popular 5-foot model is professional, durable, and easy to update. A two-sided artwork display guarantees everyone in the area will see your message

The Standing LED light box features a curved construction for increased display visibility and for indoor and outdoor use. LED bulbs provide a bright white light that evenly illuminates your artwork or advertising.

In Conclusion

Light boxes and light-up frames are a very cost-effective and efficient method of displaying your marketing materials. Online ordering is easy, and you can use our templates to create the design that you need.

So start today! Add a “Wow” factor to your marketing posters with Megastore Printing's light boxes!

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