Light Boxes – Adding a Glow-Factor to Marketing Posters

Before light boxes, people strived long and hard to attract more attention to a deal or promotional poster. Eventually, art houses and public venues started affixing candles and then light bulbs to poster boxes. Luckily today, we do not need to have huge cinema poster boxes to command that same attention. Megastore Printing provides a number of slim light boxes with LED bulbs to capture your audiences’ attention to your deal with a modern aesthetic and functionality. Our light boxes are affordable for any marketing use and can be used both vertically and horizontally.

Light boxes and light-up frames are often categorized as aspirational products because you might see them at jewelers or high-end retail stores. The fact is, they are very attainable and relevant to more conventional and casual settings too. Restaurants, storefronts, small businesses, artists, and photographers all love to use light box frames to give their posters more “pop”.


Right tools, right results

One common misunderstanding customers have is that they can print out a poster on copy paper and drop it in. While you can, it will result in the colors and details looking washed out. Megastore Printing sources high-quality backlit film. Like translucent vinyl in outside light boxes, blackout film allows controlled amounts of light to go through while maintaining optimal color control of your posters true colors.

We also strive to make reordering posters for your frames as simple as possible.

Durability is also one of the advantages of light boxes. Because they are a more premium product, they are built with quality commercial grade aluminum and acrylics to prevent scratches, discoloring, and other issues you might experience from other “discount” vendors online or from Asian sources.


Outdoor uses

Light boxes are commonly used outdoors and often round shaped due to the popularity of a soda drink company and a well-known coffee chain. Many businesses use a round logo because of its adaptability to social media and often like the simple, minimalistic, round signs provide for outdoor signage and branding as well.

There is a misconception that light box signs can only be seen at night, which leads some people to make a sign that does not light up but then end up having to add additional lighting systems. Why not have an all-in-one sign from the start? Even if your business does not operate late when it is dark, people driving by will see your glowing light box sign and the visibility will help your marketing efforts even when you are not open, urging customers to visit later.


From the ground up

Floor standing light boxes are a great way to promote a sale, deal, or promotion in a doorway or aisle. Our popular 5-foot light box looks professional, is durable, and you can easily change the artwork out which provides you with an evergreen tool for marketing at many peoples. The all children’s eye-level provides you unavoidable visibility and ROI. Two-sided artwork guarantees people will have no chance to not to see your offer.