Roll Labels

Printing your own labels makes sense when your business starts out. Using a home or office printer to create sheet labels reduces your costs. However, as your business and marketing needs grow, so do your printing needs. That’s when Megastore Printing roll labels become a professional and cost-effective solution.

Our roll labels offer a more professional alternative to sheet labels. Our flexible quantity options allow you to print for small or large promotions without sacrificing quality or delivery speed.

We offer roll labels in three different shapes and a wide variety of size options. As a result, you can choose the perfect shape, size, material, and lamination options to create your ideal custom roll labels.

Roll Labels Offer a Professional Appearance

Custom roll labels enhance your brand’s professional appearance to all who see them. Because of the complex nature and multiple options for roll labels, we have developed an editor to help design them. Consequently, you can build your custom labels by uploading your art or designing from scratch in an easy, three-step process. Our custom design program allows for any design that you need,

Faster Printing, Less Cost

Roll labels print faster than sheet labels, running on our dedicated digital, roll-fed label printers. These produce high-quality, durable labels in a much shorter time. In addition, the cost per label goes down when you print in bulk.

Less Waste

Another way that roll labels are economical is that they create less waste. The labels’ dedicated printer uses a label applicator, which properly positions each label for printing. This reduces the chance of labels getting wrinkled or torn while running through the printer. In contrast, re-positioning sheet labels are constantly necessary to ensure they print straight, increasing waste.

More Label Materials

Roll labels are available in virtually any label material and with many options:

  • Clear labels
  • Pre-colored labels
  • Metallic labels
  • High-gloss labels
  • Textured matte finish
  • Simple paper labels
  • Polypropylene labels
  • Removable adhesive
  • Permanent adhesive
  • Water-resistant

More Label Shapes

Using roll labels allows you more custom label options compared to sheet labels. As your business grows. more creativity is needed when designing product labels. Custom promotional labels to suit different sales, products, and events are effective to increase sales.

Roll labels are available in many different sizes and shapes, unlike sheet labels. You can create the perfect design for your brand or promotion with our online design program.

In Conclusion

Megastore Printing roll labels offer:

  • Die-cut label solutions for every market and need
  • Fast, full-color printing process
  • Up to 27 standard die-cut label shape and size options are available
  • Number of labels per roll depends on label size and shape

Roll Label Options

product labels

What’s the difference with sheet labels?

Sheet labels are a low-cost option for short amounts of labels with a glossy finish. Sheet labels are shipped flat with 4-8 labels on a page depending on the size/shape. No foil or finishing options.

We offer a few sheet label products with options from 1-300 pages of labels.

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