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Online Printing Services vs Local Printers

Online vs local printing

Many retail and service oriented industries have turned to e-commerce to sell their goods and services. Consumers and businesses want the convenience of being able to shop online, and continue to do so in ever-increasing numbers.

The printing industry has changed to meet these needs. As a result, it is now easier than ever to order your printed and other marketing materials online, versus using a local printer. Using online printing services vs local printers saves time and money.

Save Time- AND Money

Some consumers use smaller, local printers, thinking that it will save them money and/or time. However, an online printing service provides more savings and other benefits compared to smaller local printing companies.

Not only do Megastore Printing’s online printing services give you the option to work on a project from anywhere, it also reduces (or eliminates) travel time and expenses. Ordering online simplifies the print-ordering process, making online printing much more cost-effective for the printer. This cost savings, passed on to the customer, makes online printing more affordable AND more efficient!

Automation Reduces Costs

Megastore Printing employs automation in many of our processes. This automation streamlines our printing processes, thereby saving time and cutting down on waste. These efficiencies allow for cost savings that we pass onto our customers.

Simple, Intuitive Process

Using Megastore Printing’s online services is easy. Pricing and ordering are as easy as the click of the button. Once you have uploaded your artwork or used our online templates, it will automatically be processed and checked for compatibility.

After processing, you will receive a final proof for your inspection. This allows one last check for any errors before your project goes to production. If you have a question or concern, our customer service team is available via email.

Online Design Guides

Our design templates make it simple for you to set up anything, from banners and business cards to brochures and yard signs. As a result, all collateral can be uniform throughout your organization. In addition, updating and re-printing is fast and easy!

Large Orders are No Problem

Since we handle large orders regularly, Megastore Printing can meet your printing needs quickly and efficiently. Our broad range of equipment and large in-house paper inventory allow us to meet almost any printing need, faster and cheaper than most local shops. In addition, our hard-coat inks dry almost instantly- reducing your turnaround time even more!

Thompson Mailing Options

While you are creating your marketing collateral, consider whether it will need to be mailed out. If so, Thompson Mailing Services can coordinate the printing, addressing, and mailing- all as part of a single order. This combined service reduces time and expense, while minimizing the chance of errors or delays.

Mailings can even be printed and scheduled ahead of time, so that delivery is automatic on a preset date. As a result, you can focus attention on other facets of your promotion and leave the mailing to us!

To Recap

Megastore Printing’s online services provide limitless on-demand options for marketing and printing needs. These services benefit any-sized business, saving both time and expense.

  • Online printing’s automation reduces costs
  • Megastore Printing’s online ordering process is simple and intuitive
  • Online design guides and templates make formatting easy
  • We fill large orders every day, so they do not take extra time
  • Thompson mailing services are available, with many options to fit your needs
  • Using online printing services vs local printers saves time and money!

Contact us today, and we’ll show you how to save time AND money
with Megastore Printing’s online services!

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