Yard Signs for Business

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Yard Signs for Business

Many business owners believe they need a large advertising budget to promote their name. However, many small, local businesses do not need elaborate and expensive marketing campaigns to make their presence known in their area. Yard signs for businesses are still an ideal solution to boost local marketing efforts.

Being highly affordable and versatile, custom yard signs keep your business at the forefront of your community member’s minds. Professionally printed plastic or metal yard signs for business further give local clientele the sense that your company is part of the neighborhood, something that even companies with large marketing budgets tend to overlook.

Yard sign for business

Do Business Yard Signs Work?

Yard signs can effectively and easily promote businesses for several key reasons:

  • Affordability: Yard signs are a low-cost method to advertise your business. They are constructed of inexpensive materials and can be purchased for under one dollar per sign.  Billboards or direct mailing, by comparison, cost around $1,000 per month or $2,500 for every 3,000 households, respectively.
  • Simplicity: Yard signs for businesses don’t require time-consuming research to use them effectively. Simply placing them in a busy area does all the work for you without needing to be aware of demographics or marketing trends.
  • Effectiveness: The vast majority of customers travel or live within a 5-mile radius of local businesses, meaning yard signs tend to be viewed by the people most likely to frequent your store. The simplicity of yard signs further enhances their utility – consider how easy it is to place them in the highest traffic areas or relocate them to attract new audiences at no additional cost.
  • Flexibility: A yard sign is very lightweight, making it easy to move at will. You can place yard signs wherever you notice crowds accumulate or according to changing traffic patterns. They can also change with your business plans and are easy to update with new graphics or messages.
  • Durability: With materials such as corrugated plastic and corrosion-resistant metal, yard signs for your business can withstand heavy use. Depending on the materials used, a yard sign can be reused multiple times.

Types Of Business Yard Signs

Yard signs can be made of a few different materials. Each material offers different benefits and should be chosen based on the length the sign will be displayed. Materials include:

  • Corrugated signs: Corrugated plastic is the most popular yard sign material due to its light weight and low cost. They are often used for short- to medium-term signage, such as seasonal yard signs or for signs mounted to fences and walls. MegaStore can make corrugated plastic yard signs in a variety of sizes.
  • Poly-coated signs: A poly-coated material consists of coated cardboard, making them even more affordable than plastic and perfect for temporary events such as sales, sporting events, or political races. Various sizes are also possible for poly-coated signs.
  • Aluminum signs: For higher profile and longevity, aluminum yard signs are a perfect choice. Our aluminum Dibond signs are a popular choice among realtors and other businesses for “Open” or “Now Hiring” signs. Other common uses are parking instructions and traffic control. When a yard sign will be re-used many times over, aluminum can save money by outlasting plastic and poly-coated signs.
yard sign 24" x 18"

MegaStore’s Custom Yard Sign Printing

Custom yard signs for business from MegaStore can bolster any type of promotion or business. Simply create your design using our free online design tool, Designator, and enjoy seeing what your company’s message will look like when printed. Designator is one of the best custom design editor programs available, and the majority of our products can be created with it regardless of size.

We offer various sizes, shapes, and orientations for your final print, as well as several mounting-style options. Above all, MegaStore aims to give our customers the tools necessary to bring their vision to life exactly as they picture it. For further information and any questions about our custom yard sign services, contact MegaStore today.

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