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Business Cards Have Many Uses

business cardsBusiness Cards Have Many Uses!

In this age of smartphones and mobile data, many people wonder if they still need business cards. While it may be much easier to connect with others than in the past, your business card is still irreplaceable. Slim and versatile, standard 3.5” by 2” cards offer more bang for your marketing buck than many digital tools.

Whether looking for a job, promoting your business, or expanding your network, a business card is a very useful thing to have handy!

A Physical Reminder

Business cards are a physical reminder of you and your brand. They’re useable for recruiting talent to your business, as a reminder of a conversation, or for setting up future communication. All of these use your card as a tactile reminder of who you are and what you represent.

Get It in Writing

The back of your card is useful for documenting details. You can note conversations, dates/times, or anything that you want the recipient to remember the next time they look at it. When you receive a business card, you can note the name and date of the meeting on the back. This increases the odds that you will follow up on the interaction.

Promote Your Business

Business cards are very useful in promoting your brand. Along with your design, they can include your picture to differentiate you from others. Your card design helps the person remember you or your company when they see it. Offer bargains to repeat customers, and they'll bring friends and family, and provide you with up-sale and cross-sale opportunities.

Look Professional

Most people who receive a business card will keep it for future reference. Contact information written on a piece of paper or napkin will most likely be lost or thrown out. If continued contact is important to you or your business, give that person your business card!

Directing Traffic

Customizing your contact information will send communications to where you want them.

  • Looking for a job? Include your LinkedIn profile address on your business card.
  • Are you a photographer? Include the URL of your portfolio.
  • Don’t want to receive calls on your mobile phone? List only a landline number.
  • Don’t want to receive calls at all? Direct all inquiries to your email address.

These are only a few of the reasons that business cards are an important tool in your marketing arsenal. Business cards can help you develop a long-lasting network that’s based on strong relationships.

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